Councillor Bill Bilton - Abbey Ward
Councillor Bill Bilton - Abbey Ward

Abbey Ward- Councillor Bill Bilton

My name is Bill Bilton, your Labour Councillor for Abbey Ward and I am seeking your vote in the local government elections on 5 May 2022.

We live in challenging times; the last two years has seen our lives changed dramatically because of COVID and the implementation of Brexit. The recent cost of living spike, particularly in energy costs, is also causing hardship for many, especially those on low incomes. Add to this the climate crisis and you can see why many people are uncertain about the future.

The prospect of a Lincolnshire Unitary Authority continues to be a threat to local democracy and your ability to have a real say on what goes on where you live.

Against a backdrop of reduced national government (Conservative) funding, shortages in materials and resources, a struggling local economy, your Labour controlled City of Lincoln Council has had to face some stark choices whilst striving to maintain services.

Some of the issues Abbey residents are concerned about such as fly-tipping and the condition of bus shelters have been directly impacted on by Conservative policy. The Conservative County Council’s failure to provide a 7-day refuse service at Great Northern Terrace has resulted in increased fly-tipping which the City Council has to address. Likewise, when the bus shelter maintenance was transferred from the County to City Council the funding for this service did not follow with it. The Conservative County Council with vast reserves chooses not to spend them in our city.

During my time as your Labour Abbey Councillor, I have:

  • Secured funding for more proactive policing, both on foot and in cars and increased CCTV coverage to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour;
  • Secured continued funding for Abbey Neighbourhood Board;
  • Ensured continued support for Abbey Access;
  • Obtained a number of traffic surveys to monitor traffic issues within the wards;
  • Secured funding to transform the Belmont Street facility into a community bakery;
  • Had better signage installed near to schools;
  • Secured funding for extra bins in park areas

My priorities for Abbey are:

  • Campaign for improved bus services in the ward – improved access, frequency and routes will help reduce transport costs and help tackle climate pollution;
  • Campaign for a 7-day refuse service at Great Northern Terrace to help tackle the environmental impact of fly-tipping;
  • To work to keep Abbey a safe and pleasant place to live and work in;
  • To campaign for increased resources to improve, regenerate and develop the ward; and
  • To continue our roving surgeries to ensure we listen to and learn what your issues and concerns are.

I hope you will give me your support on 5 May and allow me to continue to be your voice for Abbey on the City Council.

Sean Burke-Ulyat - Birchwood Ward
Sean Burke-Ulyat - Birchwood Ward

Birchwood Ward – Sean Burke-Ulyat

Sean Burke-Ulyat has lived in Lincoln for 27 years, He is married to Hayley living in the City with two children who attend local schools. Sean has worked in social care for 10 years including 6 years for a local home for the elderly which is his current job. He has lived in the ward on Woodfield Avenue and attended Saint Hugh’s School going on to Saint Peter & Paul School on Skellingthorpe Road. He was well acquainted with his wife’s grandfather, former Mayor, and Birchwood Councillor Larry Wells. He has campaigned with local councillor Rosie Kirk and many others fighting to improve and build our City as a place of jobs and career opportunities. Sean is a seasoned campaigner fighting for a fairer city for all but has an affinity for Birchwood, he said “I am seeking election as a Labour Candidate in Birchwood for the May City elections because I wish to serve our local community in this way. Members of my family and many friends live in the Birchwood area and I work on Skellingthorpe Road on the corner of Birchwood Avenue”. Sean has always been shocked by the lack of funding for social care by successive Tory governments, including this one. Not only have the elderly been neglected but also the homeless, (whom Sean has also worked with), however he is very impressed by recent Labour City Council initiatives including the Rough Sleepers Unit which has enabled many to come off the streets. Sean would like to see more help with addressing the causes of homelessness, including addiction. He strongly believes that local people have too little say in important issues and Downing Street, Parliament & Whitehall far too much. He supports devolving power to local people and an end to Tory cuts which attacks local councils’ ability to help our community in these difficult times when costs are rising far too much. Sean is proud to live and work in Lincoln. As someone who came here while very young, he appreciates the great contribution made by people who have decided to make a home in our beautiful city. Despite Sean’s pride in our City he appreciates that there are many pockets of deprivation and poverty which he wishes to combat while pressuring our MP, County Council & Government to provide more support to enable local businesses to recover from the pandemic and new ones to grow. If elected Sean has said “While supporting the whole community I would champion my ward and the need for a more just and fair community.”

Councillor Gary Hewson - Boultham Ward
Councillor Gary Hewson - Boultham Ward

Boultham Ward – Councillor Gary Hewson

Hello, my name is Gary Hewson. I live in Boultham Ward and, up until my retirement, also worked here as well. Having represented Boultham Ward on the City of Lincoln Council for over 20 years, I have a deep understanding of the issues that affect local residents.

During my time as your City Councillor, I have seen an enormous amount of change in the area. Naturally, any proposal for change brings with it concerns and lots of differing opinions. I have always listened very carefully to the views of any and every resident in Boultham Ward. This has meant that I have been able to represent the Ward effectively. The refurbishment of Boultham Park is a project that I am immensely proud of and that local residents have really benefitted from. Other examples of positive change in our Ward include the redevelopment of the old dairy site on Dixon Street and Boultham Park Road. Also, the shortly to be completed South High Street Residents’ Parking Scheme.

My 3 main aims for the near future are to:

  1. Set up a South High Street Community Forum. This will enable residents to discuss local issues and seek solutions to them.
  2. Represent the views of local residents in all decisions affecting Boultham Ward. In particular those relating to the development of the area to the west of Tritton Road.
  3. Continue to walk around the Ward on a regular basis meeting with residents and dealing with any issues that I see.


Emily Wood - Carholme Ward
Emily Wood - Carholme Ward

Carholme Ward – Emily Wood

My name is Emily Wood and I am standing as your Labour and Co-operative candidate in Carholme Ward on Thursday 5 May. I have lived in Lincoln for around 2 years now, most recently on West Parade. I am very aware of the issues we are facing in Carholme from both a student perspective and from general residents too.

Being a student myself, I hope to try and encourage a better relationship within the community, to allow for students to get involved with events such as litter picking. Alternatively, I understand the issues that can occur from having a large number of students in an area such as with parking spaces. I have been working with Councillor Neil Murray to gather responses on proposed changes to the Residents parking scheme, to try and ensure that you at the heart of our community have the best access available. If elected as your councillor, I would lobby the Highway authority to ensure Carholme receives the same implementation of the scheme as seen in Park ward. 

I am very passionate about ensuring the safety of all our residents throughout the city and am appalled that the Conservative County Council still haven’t turned our streetlights back on. I have previously helped run a campaign based on this issue and will continue to speak up on behalf of our community to ensure everybody can feel safer walking home. 

I have been part of a large amount of volunteering work over the past few years, most recently at the friends of Ukraine action day. I would like to say a massive thank you to everybody involved, whether that was through volunteering, donating, or organising, it was amazing to see the community in Lincoln come together to support such an important cause.

In addition to this, a massive well done and thank you to everybody who has been putting in time and effort to try and keep The Tap running. The West End Tap is an important local asset which I hope will soon reclaim its position within the community. 

Please contact me at to discuss any local concerns you may have. I want to ensure that you are listened to and receive support. 

Loraine Woolley - Castle Ward
Loraine Woolley - Castle Ward

Castle Ward – Loraine Woolley

With the cost of living rising we need to find ways of navigating through this set-back and your Labour City Council is doing what it can to ease the pain by supporting our communities.

At a local level your Labour Council is helping to soothe some of the pressures by supporting  low income households through Discretionary Housing Payments, Council Tax Benefit and offering Welfare advice.

In Castle Ward we are investing in new housing on the Ermine West estate and continue to buy back and upgrade existing council housing stock in other parts of the ward.

Concerns about safety especially for women, children and the vulnerable are high and that is why a further fourteen CCTV cameras are being introduced in Castle Ward to make the area safer for everyone.

Anti social behaviour including littering and fly tipping has become increasingly important to residents and disfigures our lovely open spaces including grass verges and hedgerows. Your local Councillors will continue to develop solutions to deal with this aggravating problem and would appreciate your support by contacting us when you come across such issues, this way we can identify problems before they get out of hand. You are able to do this either by visiting our twice monthly surgery or by email and telephone.  I look forward to hearing from you!

I currently serve on several committees that help shape the City’s prospects and development including  new housing and encouraging new skilled jobs and businesses to the City but importantly placing great emphasis on protecting the environment and encouraging sensible use of the Planet’s precious resources.

I was brought up in Castle Ward and continue to live in the uphill area with my husband Malcolm and my two Bedlington Terriers, Echo and Flute. In my spare time enjoy walking my dogs, gardening, reading and I have an interest in ballet and performance art.

Councillor Pat Vaughan - Glebe Ward
Councillor Pat Vaughan - Glebe Ward

Glebe Ward – Councillor Pat Vaughan

I have been proud to be part of a Labour Council who in the last few years has done such a lot for the people of Lincoln

All this has been achieved despite an uncaring and incompetent Conservative government.

Some 500 new homes built for rent and to buy for all those people waiting for decent homes.

A new bus station and a new central car park to improve access to the city centre

Investment  in the City centre at the Cornhill and now a new Central Market about to start, bringing investment and jobs to Lincoln.

Over £1 million put into the pockets of the poorest households through our fantastic welfare benefits support team.

At a time when most households are really struggling to meet the ever increasing cost of living, we need to be maximising the support we can give

Our communities were supported in lots of different ways during the Covid pandemic

I want us to continue our fantastic new homes building programme, to see more investment to bring better paid jobs to the City, and particularly more projects to improve training and job opportunities for young people.

Energy costs are crippling most household budgets just now and we need to do more to help people find ways to reduce their energy costs. I am pleased the council will be spending £2.75 million in the next year to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty.

I am also passionate about the work the City Council has been doing about climate change, a top priority for us. The involvement of many young people in this work has been fantastic

All these things represent the values I hold and that the Labour Council holds. We should concentrate on the things that you tell us matter most, reducing inequality and promote fairness.

I have worked hard to represent all of the communities in the ward and if re-elected will continue to be actively involved with life in the ward, meeting local people regularly and running our weekly surgeries and battling the things that will life better for people in Lincoln

“Pat Vaughan has been an outstanding councillor and works incredibly hard for local people. He has a reputation of being a kind and compassionate individual who always goes the extra miles for people he represents.He has been an influential and effective member of the council. I hope you will support him on May 5th” – Cllr Ric Metcalfe Leader of the Council

Callum Roper - Hartsholme Ward
Callum Roper - Hartsholme Ward

Hartsholme Ward – Callum Roper

I am standing to be your City Councillor because I passionately believe that Hartsholme needs strong voices to represent the community at City Hall and be a champion for local people, groups and causes. As someone who lives and works in the city, I am very much aware of some of the big issues that are facing our community specifically in Hartsholme.


Working with key stakeholders in the area such as Councillor Biff Bean I am driven to deliver improved services, infrastructure and safety in our community. As your councillor I will not only support the existing projects such as the community garden being opened by the Hartsholme Community Trust but continue to drive on community led projects that will continue to improve the area for all residents.


I am incredibly driven to work towards a vision where everyone can feel safe and secure in a thriving city, where our community assets are properly maintained and funded, we have successful local businesses, there is affordable and high-quality houses to buy and rent and most importantly we can feel a genuine sense of pride in where we live.


Your vote on May 5th is incredibly important in helping continue the good work to date and striving for even better!

Councillor Adrianna McNulty - Moorland Ward
Councillor Adrianna McNulty - Moorland Ward

Moorland Ward – Councillor Adrianna McNulty

After having had the privilege of representing you as your ward Councillor for almost nine years in Moorland Ward, I am asking for your support in the upcoming elections again on May 5th If re-elected I will continue representing you to the best of my ability.

My last nine years as a Councillor has given me the opportunity to help many residents with their individual concerns, problems and issues. Recent years have seen great improvements within Moorland Ward particularly the Heritage lottery funded investment in Boultham Park, something I have been proud to have been involved in. New improved elderly residential care in the new De Wint Court development. I have chaired Ethics and Engagement committee now for 4 years, in this committee, I have been working hard at engaging young people showing how they can get involved in the electoral process. I am also part of the Hackney Carriage committee on which we are working on increasing the number of taxis available in Lincoln as well as ensuring the safety of the users in the city.

I have worked alongside my fellow Councillors and key agencies to improve the local area and quality of life for residents living, working and visiting Moorland ward,

I was born, educated and brought up in Moorland Ward and my first employment was within a local shop, having been promoted I now work for Mosaic Digital Hub – co-working space in the City Centre and still live locally.

Since being elected in 2012 I have married and had two children, Ava (6) & baby Josh, who was born just before the new year.

In any spare time, I have I enjoy relaxing with friends and family and getting out and about walking.

Joshua Wells - Minster Ward
Joshua Wells - Minster Ward

Minster Ward – Joshua Wells

My name is Joshua Wells and I’m the Labour candidate for Minster Ward. I have lived here all my life and currently work in the ward too. I am proud to have come from such a remarkable community, but I have seen first-hand the challenges residents face.

Resident engagement is a priority for me. I am working with a group of residents to set up a neighbourhood forum in the ward, offering local people the chance to discuss their concerns and ideas. I also support the work of local stakeholders in re-establishing the Ermine Library. This will be a key asset to the area, allowing residents to learn and develop together.

The City Council continues to make progress towards our target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, cutting single use plastics and converting council vehicles to electric. I want to build on that by planting more trees and wildflower meadows in Minster Ward and across Lincoln to further reduce the carbon in our atmosphere and improve our biodiversity.

The cost of living crisis is impacting everyone in our community. Wages and pensions can’t keep up with the Conservative’s tax rises on top of increases in fuel, energy and food prices. Through our benefit advice team, the City Council have provided £1 million to the most vulnerable in Lincoln. I will work tirelessly to ensure this important work continues.

I am proud of what Labour has achieved in Lincoln. Despite Conservative government cuts to our budget, the City Council has sought to consistently deliver good quality services through a balanced budget. If you elect me on Thursday 5th May, I will be a relentless advocate for you, the residents of Minster Ward, because our community matters.


Endorsement from City Councillor Naomi Tweddle and County Councillor Karen Lee:

“Josh is dedicated and conscientious, he would be an excellent advocate for the Ward. He has always lived locally and as such understands the issues within Minster Ward. Josh would make a brilliant Councillor and it would be great for him to be part of the Minster Labour Councillor Team”.

Debbie Armiger - Park Ward
Debbie Armiger - Park Ward

Park Ward – Debbie Armiger

Debbie has lived in Lincoln for over 40 years. She is married and has three grown-up kids. She was educated at South Park School and worked at the GMB union office on Monson Street, later retiring from her job as a nurse to devote more time to the community. Debbie is passionate about our local community and seeks to make a change to help improve residents’ lives.

Debbie believes in promoting residents parking in the Sincil Bank area. This should stop that area being used as a free car park by commuters and shoppers. 

Debbie also supports the proposed project to change the way traffic moves in the area. This should bring big improvements in terms of cutting out rat runs and congestion. This will improve the air quality and quality of life in the area. 

In addition to this Debbie supports the Hermit Street regeneration project which will improve that area and will provide new social housing of a very high standard. This should have a positive knock-on effect on Portland Street.

Debbie will engage with residents and Police in tackling drug dealing and antisocial behaviour in the Ward, and will support community groups in the great work they do in improving the look and feel of our neighbourhoods.

Calvin Bissitt - Witham Ward
Calvin Bissitt - Witham Ward

Witham Ward – Calvin Bissitt

In 2018 I got involved in politics when, after growing up alongside people who were there, and being a passionate football fan my whole life, I watched how the bravery, determination and sheer grit of people, delivered justice for the 97 people killed in the Hillsborough disaster. Ever since then I’ve been committed to fighting just as hard for my communities. Since then, I’ve worked with the Real Junkfood Project in my birth-town, seeing first-hand the desperate need we have for a government of compassion and a government that puts people before politics, as I saw the desperation of people struggling to have a decent standard of living.

I’ve worked with Mental Health services, seeing first-hand the stress, trouble and pressure placed on young and old people alike, and how one person can make an immense difference to improve their lives even through what seems like so little to do. I’ve been involved in charity fundraising, in working with schools and in campaigning for a fairer future for everybody. I happily say that I have a record to be proud of in the communities I’ve lived in, and now I have a chance give back to a community which has been a fair feature in my time in Lincoln, giving me some of my favourite walks and many memories from coming to Lincoln with my Grandad.

I can give back a reliable, passionate Councillor, determined to fight for change and to see that the issues of community services, transportation, anti-social behaviour and refuse collection are dealt with the way you deserve.

All I need is your support on May 5th and we can deliver a Witham Ward which is working for you.

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