Lincoln Labour Women’s Group supports striking Health Visitors

Val Moore, Lincoln Labour Women’s Officer issued the following statement on behalf of the group.

Lincoln Labour Party Women’s Group extend our solidarity to Lincolnshire Health Visitors who are taking industrial action following Lincolnshire County Council’s attempts to downgrade their jobs and create a two tier workforce.  A recent Women’s Group Meeting heard from a visiting Health Visitor who informed us that following TUPE transfers from the NHS to the County Council they are being forced to apply for their own jobs, jobs which will see them de-skilled despite them being advertised as promotions. These jobs are the same as the ones they were already doing, only using less of the skills they trained long and hard to acquire. With less holiday and sick pay entitlements and a decrease in fuel allowances which will be paid at 11p less per mile, what is seen as a slight pay increase actually equates to a pay cut.  As skilled and qualified members of the health workforce they are being asked to evidence their competence for the roles.
Just after the Health Visitors transferred to the Council, NHS staff received a pay increase, but as the Health Visitors were no longer part of Agenda For Change they were not entitled to the increase, and as they are not on LCC contracts they are not entitled to pay increases through their new employers either. If the Health Visitors do not accept the changes to their contracts they will face a permanent pay freeze.
We ask that you support the striking Health Visitors and hope that they see a speedy resolution to this wholly unacceptable situation.