Reducing Inequality portfolio – Cllr Rosanne Kirk


Over the past few years the city council has worked hard to develop new partnerships between the public, private and voluntary sectors. This portfolio will ensure that over the next few years these partnerships are further built upon.

It will also make sure delivery plans are in place to ensure access to services for all our residents. With some of the most deprived areas in the country located in Lincoln, addressing the key causes of financial exclusion and deprivation are important.

Work to ensure immediate help to deal with the effects of financial exclusion in the ‘here and now’ will also be delivered. In addition, helping families into well-paid work is vital.

What the portfolio covers:

Anti-Poverty Strategy

Asylum seekers

Benefits advice and take-up including;

Housing Benefit

Council Tax Support

Community Cohesion Strategy

Community strategies and policies

Corporate Social Responsibility including;

Living Wage

Crime and disorder including;

Hate crime

Lincolnshire Safer Communities

Discretionary Rate Relief Policy

Equality and diversity

Employer perspective

Service user perspective

Financial inclusion including;

Adult learning

Young people


Public protection including;

Antisocial behaviour

Noise nuisance


Domestic violence

Skills and training including;

The Network

Social Value Policy

Universal Credit

Welfare Advice

Welfare Reform