Our People and Resources Portfolio – Cllr Ric Metcalfe


To take responsibility for economic growth, in particular provision of a diverse range of employment opportunities, a skilled local workforce, innovation and effective infrastructure has long been recognised as key to tackling poverty and creating prosperity.

Lincoln, while operating in a competitive environment, has some unique and special assets. These are particularly around engineering; education; heritage; and overall quality of life, making Lincoln well positioned to attract further investment. The aim of this portfolio will be to maximise these opportunities for the benefit of all to build a strong, viable and prosperous future for Lincoln.

What the portfolio covers:

Asset management

Civic and twinning

Corporate communications and media relations

Corporate strategy including;

Strategic Plan (Vision 2020)

Annual Report

Strategic partnerships

Corporate health and safety

Emergency planning

Finance including;

Financial strategy

Financial position

Human Resources including;

People Strategy


Trade Union liaison

Organisational culture and core values


Legal services (excluding electoral and democratic services)

Procurement (excluding social value)

Regional and sub-regional governance arrangements including;



Risk management and governance including;



Specific major projects (excluding major developments)

Towards Financial Sustainability including;